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Vita Doom - PS Vita Doom Port

In order to play Doom, you must add WAD files to:
cache0:/VitaDefilerClient/Documents/WADs (for Rejuvenate users)
ux0:/data/doom/WADs (for HENkaku users)

The easiest way to accomplish that is via FTP with FTPVita. If you do not know what
"WAD files" are, start looking here:

This port only supports official Doom WADs and does not currently have audio.

The original Readme.txt follows:

10/24/2005 3:30 am GMT
Release Notes for Doom-PSP v0.04 S.S. b5:

This is a modified version of DoomPSP v0.04 which was originally
made by lantus. If it weren't for the hard work
of lantus, MDave, Cpasjuste, and Taka912, 
this release wouldn't have been possible. I apologize if there is anyone 
that I failed to mention here.

For a summary of the change(s) made, please read the Changelog.txt file.

Compiler information:

After running into major problems with the version of the sdk that
I was using and the DoomPSP v0.04 source code, I felt that it
would be appropriate if I mention the version of the psptoolchain
and PSPSDK that I used to compile this release of Doom-PSP.
I used the tools include in psptoolchain-20050906 located at
and I downloaded the PSPSDK from the svn repository on October 3, 2005
from svn://

This information might not help anyone much but I wanted to include it anyway.

Additional Links:


The comment about PSPUpdates in line 72 of the i_video.c file
was not made by me. It was included in the original i_video.c file from
the Doom-PSP v0.04 source code made by lantus. I am only keeping it in
the i_video.c file for historical purposes. Also, this software comes
packaged "as is". If you run this software and you somehow magically
find a way to destroy your PSP, memory stick, etc. then you are screwed.
By running this software, you are fully liable for whatever happens
and will not hold me with any responsibility. This software is safe but
I just have to mention the disclaimer crap anyway because you never know
what some people will do.



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