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Our app aims at reducing the effort from bank's end wrt the vehicular insurance claim investigation and claiming procedure.

Currently banks hire investigators with the sole job of investigating the filed reports. The investigator goes works diligently to find out the middle ground for bank and the claimer. Many a times cases end up in court where both claimer and the bank incurs losses. Furthermore, the banks have to deal with multiple fraudery cases wherein the claimer tries to claim insurance for personal gains. Investigations in such cases lead to losses wrt both time and money. To counter this scenario we introduce, an app that aims to simplify the process.

We utilise a few sensors such as accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS etc. to generate the required details pertaining to the accident. Furthermore, we add a 360 degree camera to capture 1 minute worth of buffer video which would be stored directly on a distributed storage solution network (to make sure that the data is not held by a single entity, banks being the entity in this case). To further keep things transparent, we generate the hash of the video and store it on the blockchain network. Thus, the video can be trusted to untouched post posting. is therefore a simplified approach to claiming vehicular insurance both for the claimers and the banks. It reduces the losses incurred by the bank by a significant margin and helping the authorized personal to make correct decisions based on the accident report generated by!

Building setup

Pre Requisites makes use of a wide array of technologies. As a result we require you to install them prior to building and running our app.

For backend:
 * virtualenv (optional but recommended)
 * pip
 * flask, flask-restful, flask-marshmallow
 * solc, py-solc
 * web3
 * ganache-cli
 * truffle

For Android:
 * None really

Build and Run

For Backend you will require to run centralized and decentralized sections separately.



$ cd Centralized
$ flask run --host= --port=80

If you have met the required pre-requisites, you should see a server hosted locally on port 80.


We first require to run the ganache-cli prior to deploying the decentralized section. Run:

$ ganache-cli

Now, change directory to Decentralized/flask and run:

$ flask run --host= --port=1337

If you have met the required pre-requisites, you should see a server hosted locally on port 1337.


To simplify the user end, we have provided the link for the apk. Install the APK and play around.

License is licensed under GNU GPL V3.0

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