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Contributing to Liquid-Pull-To-Refresh

πŸ‘πŸŽ‰ First off, thanks for taking the time to contribute! πŸŽ‰πŸ‘
If you'd like to report a bug or join in the development of Liquid-Pull-To-Refresh, then here are some notes on how to do that.

Please note we have a code of conduct, please follow it in all your interactions with the project.


Reporting bugs and opening issues

If you'd like a report a bug or open an issue then please:

Check if there is an existing issue. If there is then please add any more information that you have, or give it a πŸ‘.

When submitting an issue please describe the issue as clearly as possible, including how to reproduce the bug, which situations it appears in, what you expected to happen, and what actually happens. If you can include a screenshot for front end issues that is very helpful.

Coding Guidelines

Pull Requests

We love pull requests, so be bold with them! Don't be afraid of going ahead and changing something, or adding a new feature. We're very happy to work with you to get your changes merged into Liquid-Pull-To-Refresh.

If you've got an idea for a change then please discuss it in the open first, either by opening an issue, or by joining us in our MDG public chat room or email me at

If you're looking for something to work on, have a look at the open issues in the repository here.

We don't have a set format for Pull requests, but we expect you to list changes, bugs generated and other relevant things in PR message.

Refer this pull request template.

MVP architecture

Liquid-Pull-To-Refresh is built keeping MVP (model-view-presenter) architecture in mind, so any changes that are proposed to Liquid-Pull-To-Refresh should follow MVP architecture. If you are confused regarding where a method should be, join us at MDG public chat room, we'll be happy to help.

Style Check

Liquid-Pull-To-Refresh uses dartfmt for performing style checks on the codebase, which helps us in maintaining the quality of the code. Please check that the code is properly formatted according to dartfmt and also resolve all the issues, if any, shown by dart analyze before making a pull request. Pull Requests will only be merged once all the violations are resolved.

Git Commit Messages

  • Use the present tense ("Add feature" not "Added feature")
  • Use the imperative mood ("Move cursor to..." not "Moves cursor to...")
  • Limit the first line to 72 characters or less
  • Reference issues and pull requests liberally
  • When only changing documentation, include [ci skip] in the commit description
  • Consider starting the commit message with an applicable emoji:
    • 🎨 :art: when improving the format/structure of the code
    • 🐎 :racehorse: when improving performance
    • 🚱 :non-potable_water: when plugging memory leaks
    • πŸ“ :memo: when writing docs
    • πŸ› :bug: when fixing a bug
    • πŸ”₯ :fire: when removing code or files
    • πŸ’š :green_heart: when fixing the CI build
    • βœ… :white_check_mark: when adding tests
    • πŸ”’ :lock: when dealing with security
    • ⬆️ :arrow_up: when upgrading dependencies
    • ⬇️ :arrow_down: when downgrading dependencies
    • πŸ‘• :shirt: when removing linter warnings

MDG Chat Room

If you want to ask any questions in real-time, or get a feel for what's going on then please drop into our MDG public chat room. If no one is online then you can still leave a message that will hopefully get a reply when we return.


Please do not publish security vulnerabilities publicly until we've had a chance to address them. All security related issues/patches should be sent directly to where we will attempt to address them quickly. If you're unsure whether something is a security issue or not, then please be cautious and contact us at first.