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To install:
   #XXX: Babel should be handled the same way as other dependences
   #     but babel is referenced in Is there a workaround?
   - pip install Babel 
   - python install
      will download and install dependencies:
       ipaddr, mako, twisted, argparse (argparse provided with python 2.7)

To translate:
   - extract all strings:
      python extract_messages
      a .pot file will be created in ./torcheck/i18n/torcheck.pot
   - init catalogs for each desired languages:
      python init_catalog -l LANG 
      (where 'LANG' is the 2 or 4 letter country-code, eg. 'es')
   - edit strings in ./torcheck/i18n/LANG/LC_MESSAGES/torcheck.po
   - convert to binary format
     python compile_catalog
   - Don't forget to reinstall to update the templates!:
     python install

To configure:
   - copy torcheck.conf.example to torcheck.conf 
   - edit torcheck.conf
     - set export_filename and status_filename to point to 
       torbel_export.csv and torbel_export.status (provided by TorBEL)

To run:
    #XXX torbel should be a module
    export PYTHONPATH=/path/to/directory/containing/torbel
    python -m TorCheck -c /path/to/torcheck.conf

To deploy:
   TorCheck needs torbel_export.csv and torbel_export.status, which are
   provided by TorBEL.

   TorCheck config options export_filename and status_filename must be
   configured to point to these files.

   #XXX TorBEL values for target hardware 
   #XXX presently, TorBEL overloads a 512MB linode VM to the point where
   #    TorCheck requests take several seconds. (with max_build_circuits = 100)

   Serving static files. Provided is an example nginx config file.
   #XXX: we could use the inline css templates instead, and then only images
   # would need to be served.
   #XXX: we should also provide an example apache config

   #XXX: TorCheck does not presently serve static files. Should it?