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hackthehunt - Winner of Hack The North Reverse Engineering Prize by Affirm

I'll write a nicer README later. Heres a quick description on the game from a chat on IRC :)

we built a "social engineering" game, using the QR codes that were on everyones badges at the hackathon. Like you gained points when you scanned people who were not already in the game, you gained points for scanning people on your team and lost points for scanning people not on your team

the only way to get into the game was to get someone already in the game to scan you.

The idea was that people could use deception in order to get more and more points (claiming that you were not in the game etc)

we also reverse engineered "hack the north" login API, and used that for authentication. The event organisers came over to make sure we were not misusing it lol

Also, check us out on Devpost!

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