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  1. Name (Project heading) : cowsandbulls
  2. Remote Centre ID (RC_ID) : 1217
  3. College / Institute Name : SIES Graduate School Of Technology
  4. City, State, Pin Code : Navi Mumbai. Maharashtra 400 706,
  5. Name/’s of the Student : Prof. Preeti G., Team Members: Ankeet B, Akshay Prabhu, Kanishka B
  6. About (Short Description / Summary): Cows and Bulls is a two player game. First player thinks of a 3 digit secret number and second player guesses that number. This is done by second player making a guess and first player telling the number of bulls and cows in the guess. If the digits of guess matches and in right position then it’s a bull. And if they match and not in right position then it’s a cow.