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NPM version of GLTF exporter of threejs. This can be used inside the es6 projects
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three.js glTF exporter

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npm i --save three-gltf-exporter


three.js's r98 GLTFExporter wrapped as a module for easy importing.


import * as THREE from 'three';
import GLTFExporter from 'three-gltf-exporter';

const loader = new GLTFExporter();

Usage es6

import GLTFExporter from 'three'
var gexporter = new GLTFExporter();

Notes for rollup

In your rollup.config.js and in the commonjs section ensure to include the below for using this library for es6 projects. This might be necessary for any three-based libraries

      include: [

For further documentation, see the GLTFExporter docs.

Reporting Issues

Please note that this is just a wrapper for the glTF exporter provided by three.js. Therefore, any issues regarding the loader should be reported directly via the three.js issue tracker. For issues directly related to the wrapper or this package specifically, feel free to contact me.

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