Morfessor is a tool for unsupervised and semi-supervised morphological segmentation
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Morfessor 2.0 - Quick start


Morfessor 2.0 is installed using setuptools library for Python. To
build and install the module and scripts to default paths, type

python install

For details, see


User instructions for Morfessor 2.0 are available in the docs directory
as Sphinx source files (see Instructions how
to build the documentation can be found in docs/README.

The documentation is also available on-line at

Details of the implemented algorithms and methods and a set of
experiments are described in the following technical report:

Sami Virpioja, Peter Smit, Stig-Arne Grönroos, and Mikko
Kurimo. Morfessor 2.0: Python Implementation and Extensions for
Morfessor Baseline. Aalto University publication series SCIENCE +
TECHNOLOGY, 25/2013. Aalto University, Helsinki, 2013. ISBN

The report is available online at


Questions or feedback? Email: