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Fixed function calls through IRI. Not a syntax error anymore; uses in…

…stans:dynamic_call and tries to find the appropriate function on execution time.
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Esko Nuutila Esko Nuutila
Esko Nuutila authored and Esko Nuutila committed Dec 24, 2013
1 parent 3970808 commit 15a9ce56d21808b938e62cf11e0dbb904ed5b027
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Changes since 0.0.2

INSTANS 0.0.2 Release Notes

* Bug fixes
- Changed parsing to accept functions calls through unknown IRIs. Now we produce a call to "instans:dynamic_call", which
resolves the function in run-time. (

* Tests:
- Syntax tests ignore malformed tests of property paths of type {n,m}, which have been dropped off the specs. (

* Refactoring and changes in implementation
- Refactored old classes 'parser' and 'parsing' to two classes 'grammar' and 'll-parser', which has 'grammar' as its superclass.
- Replaced macro with-ll1-parsing by a macro generate-ll-parser. The functions make-turtle-parser and make-sparql-parser
now take an instans object, an input stream and return an ll-parser object. Calling 'parse' on that object does the parsing. (

Changes since 0.0.1
@@ -14,3 +29,4 @@ Changes since 0.0.1

- Instans now takes command line option --report [all|select|construct|modify] and reports
the execution of rules according to that

@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@

(defsystem "instans"
:description "A Standing SPARQL Query Evaluator"
:version ""
:version ""
:author "Esko Nuutila <>"
:licence "The MIT License (MIT). See the file LICENSE in .."
:depends-on (#:cl-ppcre #:cl-ppcre-unicode)

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