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An AI [in progress] that plays an air traffic simulator, automatically routing planes to their destinations while avoiding collisions.
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An AI that plays an air traffic simulator, routing randomly spawned planes to their destinations while avoiding collisions with each other and environmental obstacles.

The game is python-air-traffic-control, a python implementation of the above scenario. You can find its original repo here.. I'm playing it in the gif below.

How to Install

  1. Clone this repository to your desired location.
  2. cd into the repo.
  3. Create a Python 3 virtual environment using virtualenv or virtualenvwrapper and activate it.
  4. Run pip install -r requirements.txt to download all of the necessary dependencies.

How to play the air traffic control game

  1. Make sure your virtual environment described in 'How to Install' is activated.
  2. cd into the python-air-traffic-control directory.
  3. Run python
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