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$ gem install git-up
+RVM user? [read this](
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+Known RVM issues
+Under RVM some users have [reported]( that running `git-up` works fine, but
+running `git up` results in one of many issues, the most common being:
+ spawn.rb:187:in `_pspawn': Invalid command name (ArgumentError)
+The underlying cause is a combination of the way RVM sets the correct
+ruby interpreter in the environment, and the way git interprets and
+executes `git up`.
+When you run `git [some command]` git will first look internally to see
+if it can fulfil the command, then it will attempt to "shell out" and run
+whatever `git-[some command]` executable it can find in your $PATH.
+When git "shells out" all of the environmental variables will be
+exposed, and it will be able to find our `git-up` executable in the $PATH.
+However because of the way RVM magically sets your ruby interpreter,
+when `git-up` is ran `ruby` still points to the non-RVM system default.
+To fix this we need to make sure that RVM gets to do it's business
+before `git-up` is ran.
+RVM provides a handy way of doing this called "wrappers", so let's
+generate a wrapper for git-up like so:
+ rvm wrapper [ruby-version]@[gemset-name] --no-prefix git-up
+Next we need to make sure that git finds our wrapper first, to do this
+we can make use of the `/usr/libexec/git-core` directory that git uses
+for some of it's own commands.
+ sudo ln -s $HOME/.rvm/bin/git-up /usr/libexec/git-core/git-up
+Finally we need to modify our wrapper to prevent bundler issues when we
+are working on ruby projects, so open that file in your favourite
+editor, find this line:
+ exec git-up "$@"
+and change it to:
+ ruby `which git-up` "$@"
+This may seem strange, but it bypasses `ruby_noexec_wrapper` which
+may cause issues if you are working in a project with a Gemfile.

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