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Aanand Prasad authored April 19, 2012

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@@ -33,3 +33,7 @@ It slows the process down slightly, and therefore defaults to `false`.
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 ### `git-up.bundler.autoinstall [true|false]`
34 34
35 35
 If you're even lazier, you can tell `git-up` to run `bundle install` for you if it finds missing gems. Make sure `git-up.bundler.check` is also set to `true` or it won't do anything.
+### `git-up.fetch.prune [true|false]`
+By default, `git-up` will append the `--prune` flag to the `git fetch` command if your git version supports it (1.6.6 or greater), telling it to [delete any branches which no longer exist on the remote]( Set this option to `false` to disable it.

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