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Tweedie: An Open Source HTML5 Twitter client for iPad

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Tweedie is an Open Source Twitter client for the iPad written in HTML5 using PhoneGap. This has no connection to Twitter and is purely a personal project. I was scratching that proverbial itch.

The goal for Tweedie is to provide a simple drag-and-drop way to organizing the tweets from the people I follow. When you log into Tweedie you are presented with your timeline of tweets on the left, and a set of lists on the right. These lists filter the tweets based on the tags Tweedie adds to each tweet. By default you get a few list you might expect (e.g. Mentions, Favorites and Messages). Tap one to open it, and notice the lower right box which describes which tags are used to select tweets to include, and which tags are used to exclude tweets. It’s easy to add to these tags, or change the ones they have simply by dragging things around. Similarly, it’s easy to create a new list just by entering its name in the create box, or dragging in a tag.

There are a few other things going on that make consuming tweets a bit different. Each list has a visual (there are three to choose from currently). Try them out; they provide different ways to view the tweet stream. Also notice that lists get badged when new content arrives in them, and get highlighted in various shades of green to indicate how much traffic that list is seeing. Finally, if you add a question mark to the end of the list name, the list becomes a search rather than a filter. Of course, you can then drag tags to this search filter to refine what you see.

When looking at tweets themselves, you’ll notice that media is displayed inline. Tap picture to see bigger version. Links are also auto-expanded, to make it more obvious that content is interesting. If you tap a url, which isn’t a video of photo, the contents of that webpage is displayed for easier reading (using the excellent Readability service to reduce the page to the essential text). Tapping a photo link will show you the photo, and tapping a YouTube link will launch the YouTube app do play the video. Finally, it you tap an @username, or a profile picture, a user profile card is displayed to let you see more information about the user and allow you to follow them easily.

If you want to take a look at the Tweedie source code, you can find it on GitHub at All comment appreciated.

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