A demo for using RTurk+Turkee for iterative content development with Mechanical Turk
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TurkeeIterator is a demo that explores iterative content development using the Turkee gem. This method is outlined in the paper TurKit: Tools for Iterative Tasks on Mechanical Turk


1) You need to deploy this application to a production server. The Mechanical Turk workers (a.k.a., “turkers”) need to be able to access this application to enter data so it must be deployed to a public shared-host/VPS/server/etc.

2) Go to the following URL : www.deployedapplication.com/turkee_tasks/new

3) For the samples below, the numbered data points represent the value you should enter for the corresponding form fieldshit at www.yourapplication.com/turkee_tasks/new.

Example 1; Simple Gather Responses from Mechanical Turk

1) Please say “hello” to my colleagues and tell us where you're from.

2) I am demo'ing Mechanical Turk to my colleagues. Please tell send us a creative “hello” and where you're from.

3) A one or two line introduction would be nice. Tell us how the weather is in your city. Tell us about your family. Or just simply say hello.

4) 0.05

5) 100

6) 5

7) Uncheck “Allow voting”

8) Uncheck “Returk Results?”

Seed Data: It's mostly sunny at 65 degrees. Hello from San Mateo, CA!

Example 2; The Best One Liner: Voting and Revisions to Prev Examples

1) Is this line funny?

2) I love jokes and I especially love “one liners” that you often hear in movies such as Airplane! or _The Naked Gun_. Here's a favorite of mine :

“Like a blind man in an orgy, I was going to have to feel my way around.”

Read the one-liner(s) below, and if you think it is funny, click the “vote” button. If you do not think it is funny, submit your own one-liner for a chance to win $1.00 bonus if your one liner is selected.

3) Either click “vote” next to the line that you think is funniest, or submit your own to win a $1.00 bonus. You can use other people's jokes, change them slightly, and create new one liner (just click the “copy” link).

4) 0.05

5) 100

6) 5

7) Check “Allow voting”

8) Uncheck “Returk Results?”

Seed Data: Like a midget at a urinal, I was going to have to stay on my toes.

Sample 3, A Feed Forward Iterative Sample with Mutlple Branches

1) What… Happens… Next? Murder and intrigue.

2) Here's the start of the story :

“A man walks into a bar wearing a ski mask, holds a gun in the air and screams, 'Empty your pockets or I empty my gun! Your choice!' The patrons scramble to the floor. Faint whimpers can be heard all around while the customers pressed their faces tightly to the floor hoping their tears are not heard.”

Write a few sentences that tells what happens next.

3) Either click “vote” next to the submission that you think is the best, or submit your own storyline for a chance to win an extra $1.00 bonus. You can use other people's submissions, make them better, and create your own story submission (just click the “copy” link).

4) 0.05

5) 100

6) 5

7) Check “Allow voting”

8) Check “Returk Results?” and take the top 3 items.

No Seed Data

My Sample Data

Here are a few screenshots from a sample run I did using example 2.

1) The initial parameters for setting up my Turkee task

2) Responses I received from the Turkers

3) The form that was presented to the Turkers (either vote or submit a joke)


Copyright © 2010 Jim Jones. See LICENSE for details.