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Send cat factz to your friends every hour using the Twilio API. (developed for the programming competition)

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Cat Factz

Written by Mark Percival (@mdp) and Jim Jones (@aantix)

Send fun cat factz every hour for your friends using the Twillio API. App written for the Ballmer Peak-A-Thon (5/12/2012) programming contest.


  • Update the config/initializers/twilio.rb file with your own Twilio API key.

  • To record the SMS messages that users respond back with :

- If you're running locally, setup a localtunnel with localtunnel -k ~/.ssh/ 3000 - Config Twilio to post back to the URL provided by localtunnel (e.g.

  • Setup the cron process (to send the repeat cat factz).

*/60 * * * * cd /Users/aantix/dev/cat_factz && bundle exec rails runner -e development “User.cron_send_facts” 2>&1 >> /tmp/cat_factz.log


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