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The Goal

To transcribe all campaign videos from the past two years for every major presidential candidate.

But How?

The loving individuals of Mechnical Turk and the Rails Turk integration gem, Turkee


  • Create your config/database.yml

  • Run rake db:migrate

  • Run rake db:seed

  • Start the server with 'rails s'

  • Go to localhost:3000/

There you will see the form that is presented to the Turkers. That is all I have thus far.

Requesting Work from the Turkers

title = “I'm in need YOUR Help! Transcribe presidential campaign speeches for the hearing impaired.” description = “I have a lot of campaign speeches that I would like to transcribe. For this 60 segment, type in exactly what each candidate says.” VideoSegment.reset_turk_tasks VideoSegment.create_turk_tasks(title,description,2,0.03,2)


Copyright © 2012 Jim Jones. See LICENSE for details.

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