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Replace your boring place-holder images with beautiful public domain images of history's greatest artwork and sculptures.
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Turn your boring demo website and placeholder images into a beautiful display of artwork.

In your Gemfile, add the following :

gem "sex_it_up", ">= 1.0.0"

Then perform the following from the root of your application directory :

bundle install

Now we need to copy over the needed migration :

rails g sex_it_up
rake db:migrate

Displaying Images

If you want to display a random image for the term 'dog', first add the following to your Rakefile :

require 'tasks/sex_it_up'

Once you have the rake task available, you can issue the following rake command to warm the image cache for a given term :

rake sex_it_up:cache[<Term>]

e.g. :
rake sex_it_up:cache["dog"]

Once the rake task has completed, change your erb view to call the following helper :

sexy_image('dog', :width => 100, :height => 100)

This helper will find a random image for the given term, scale it to the passed in dimensions, and display it.

Other Uses

If you wanted to replace your boring default user avatars, you could do the following

user.icon = SexItUp::SexItUpImage.find_all('dog').random.first

Sample Screenshot


Copyright © 2010-2012 Jim Jones. See LICENSE for details.

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