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User Driven Development.

Perform usability testing, A/B testing and solicit feedback with ACTUAL HUMANS quickly using Mechanical Turk.


1) Rake udd

Brings up a list of tests that are stored in the config/udd.yml file

1. A standard test that just asks the Turker to fill out the form
2. An A/B style test

1a) Rake udd::install – Installs the udd.yml file to the config/ directory 1b) Rake udd::tests – Brings up all of the tests from the udd.yml file and will post to MT with the corresponding test params

2) For Turkee; create udd branch

Change the table name to udd_tests? – Eh, maybe not needed…

3) For the engine, the user creates a “test”; the url specified is either a restful route or a fully qualified url.

If the url has =~ /_path/ || /_url/
  try to resolve it using a restful path (using Turkee)

Otherwise, pass in the :form_url option to Turkee

4) Getting/retrieving results from MT

4a) Display in the engine/web page? - If you display them within the web page, you can make a fetch to grab all results prior to showing stats…

5) Create an example that shows some sort of testing with Basecamp?


1) rake udd:install

Installs udd.yml and copies over turkee migrations.

2) rake udd:install:migrations

Installs the Test migrations.


Copyright © 2012 - 2013 Jim Jones. See LICENSE for details.