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Natan Yellin's Glorious Dotfiles for Great Success in Home Directory

These are my *NIX dotfiles, managed by castle.


I use emacs, zsh, and git on OS X Snow Leopard.

What's included?

Vestigial support for bash and vim

Once I used bash and vim. I haven't bothered deleting the dotfiles - maybe you can find something useful in them.


I use zsh with Oh My Zsh.

.zshrc contains my zsh config and .profile, contains environment variables and aliases that are also bash-compatible.


The Emacs configuration is what you would expect from a vim convert - I use Vim keybindings for everything. This is possible with the superb Evil package.

Included is a smattering of elisp for just about everything: there is a wrapper for deft-mode (to support switching between multiple directories), mandatory settings to bring Emacs into the 21st century, and a collection of useful functions and mappings.

My settings are highly personal and often idiosyncratic. I haven't tested on Windows lately, but my emacs configuration should be cross platform.


I browse with Firefox and Pentadactyl, a vim-like environment in Firefox. Many addons add hardcoded vim bindings to Firefox. Pentadactyl gives you vim.

My .pentadactylrc mostly mirrors my favorite shortcuts from Vimperator. I am still ignorant of Pentadactyl features; advice and tips are most welcome.


Install with Homesick.


  • Cleanup of Emacs configuration
  • Test Emacs configuration with a fresh install
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