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A bitcoin-payable wifi captive portal
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This is an experimental Wifi captive portal that accepts bitcoin payments for Wifi minutes.

It uses the 21 Bitcoin Computer ( as the authentication server for any OpenWRT router running the Wifidog captive portal daemon.


Install the wifiportal21 authentication server

- Download the wifiportal21 zip or tar.gz and open it in a directory on your 21 computer.
- Change directory into the wifiportal21 directory
- Edit the file and replace with your xpub and billing rate
- Install wifiportal21 package:

$ sudo python3 install

- Run the authentication server:

$ wifiportal21

Install OpenWRT and Wifidog on a wireless router

- Install OpenWRT (
- Configure your wireless router and make sure it works properly. The WAN interface should be able to access the 21 computer IP address
- Install Wifidog captive portal gateway (
- Configure Wifidog. A sample configuration is in wifidog.conf in the wifiportal21 package root directory. Most settings remain at defaults, except:
  - Set Authserver to point to your 21 computer:

      AuthServer {
            HTTPPort 21142

  - Set CheckInterval to 60 seconds (so that elapsed minutes are counted correctly)
- Run:

# wifidog -f -d 6
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