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This is the source code repository for ProcrastiTracker, a Windows time tracking application available at

It is a small application that sits in your tray and checks which application/url you’re on every 10 seconds, and then collects that into a custom tree-database that allows you to view statistics on your computer use.

For more information on how it works, see


Use the included project files (in the procastitracker directory) for Visual Studio 2015 (the free Community Edition works fine). This is not a portable application, sorry, see below.


To create an installer, first make sure a Release mode build produced an executable in the PT directory. Delete any other build cruft Visual Studio may have generated there.

Create an installer script using pt.nsi (right click -> Compile NSIS Script). This needs NSIS installed. Alternatively just zip up the PT directory.

Source code

While pretty much all code I’ve ever written is portable, this is an exception. It makes use of Windows specifics such as hooks and DDE to gather its information, and for some reason, to keep the app small and fast, I decided to write its UI directly using Win32 controls (ugh!), so it is very much non-portable. Would be a fair bit of work to change that, you’re welcome to try :)

Code is generally old and crufty, didn’t feel like cleaning it up for its open source release, sorry. That said, this code has been running on quite a few peoples computers for many years, it appears to be at least very stable.

The code uses some features that are available only from Windows Vista onwards.


The code and all their associated files are released under the Apache v2 license.


a Windows time tracking application



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