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Build System

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  • Currently we use vanilla visual studio solutions which can be built using msbuild or xbuild.
  • [Optional] For managing dependencies we use paket (which is the defacto standard for sane package management in .NET)
  • [Optional] For deployment of packages we use FAKE scripts

Note that you can use aardvark libraries simply by using visual studio nuget integration or whatever mechanism you come up with for referencing aardvark libraries.

Additionally to standard .NET/F# ecosystem we use a set of scripts in order to make development, debugging and deployment more pleasant. Most importantly, those scripts enabled us to split the aardvark platform in many different repositories (e.g. aardvark.base and aardvark.rendering).

We extend the .NET/F#/Fake/Paket ecosystem with those features:

  • Simple batch/shell scripts for invoking often used paket commands
  • batch/shell commands for creating nguet packages
  • batch/shell commands for adding a source folder as a build dependency for your project. This is useful for cross package debugging and fast testing of functionality which lives in a different repository.

Most aardvark based projects use aardvark.fake, a set of F# scripts which can be included in the build scripts.

Typcial aardvark-platform repositories use a simple batch script which immediately switches to a F# interactive shell and loads the build.fsx script. This is actually a simple Fake script file, which additionally includes the file DefaultSetup.fs

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