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This library contains data types and algorithms commonly used in computer graphics, like

  • basic vector/matrix/color/range types (Vector/Matrices Cheatsheet)
  • transformation utilities (e.g. quaternions, ...) (Transformations Cheatsheet)
  • geometric primitives (e.g. triangle, polygon, line, etc.) (Geometry Cheatsheet)
  • efficient tensor library (Vector, Matrix, Volume, Tensor4)
  • sorting algorithms (dual-pivot quick sort, timsort, etc.)
  • minimum spanning tree / shortest path / etc.
  • polynomial solver / LU-Factorization / QR-Factorization
  • ...

Aardvark.Base is also distributed as a binary package via NuGet!

Aardvark Platform (sketch)

Our quickstart for Windows and Linux smoothes the path for your Aardvark experience!

Do not forget to checkout our wiki and various examples, where your contriubtion is very welcomed!


In order to use F# interactive with Aardvark.Rendering make sure you are using the 64bit version of fsi.exe (fsharpi.exe on linux). For windows, in order to use the visual studio integrated interactive shell, go to Tools/Options/F# and 64bit interactive to true. On Linux, make sure to use a 64bit mono and all is fine.

Tutorials can be found here:

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