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Visual Studio

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Recommended setup

Visual Studio and F#

We now use VisualStudio 2017 on windows. Most repositories are based on dotnetcore but some are using .net 4.7.2. So make sure to install both platform independent development packages and .net framework SDK 4.7.2.

In VisualStudio installer make sure to select .NET core runtime 2.0 and .net core sdk 2.0 as well as .NET Framework 4.7.2 SDK.

For the f# toolchain make sure to tick the Visual F# checkbox (you can modify the installation at any time):

alt text

The F# tools 4.0 are also provided as a standalone installer

Please note that, some parts of the platform are written in C++, so you might as well install the C++ platform targets.

Vulkan SDK

If you plan to use the vulkan debug layers, you need to install the vulkan sdk.

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