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Partial Credit A Cappella

This repository contains the code behind Partial Credit's public-facing website.


Quickstart for members

Most of the functionality of the site is available in the members section, which is accessible by clicking the "member login" button on the bottom-right corner of each page. You will be asked for your RCS credentials. This is the part of your RPI email before the, so if you're your RCS ID is asdfjk. Your password is the same one as used for Webmail.

Deployment for production



Testing locally

The repository contains a Vagrant configuration for a server virtual machine that can run locally within your computer running Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. To use it, download and install VirtualBox and Vagrant, then in a terminal cd to this repository and run vagrant up. Once Vagrant finishes starting the virtual machine, add

to your hosts file, open a Web browser and navigate to When you're done, run vagrant suspend to stop the virtual machine.

The Vagrant configuration is based on the LAMP stack at

You'll also need to follow the steps for both frontend and backend initialization below.

Front-end design and development

On the front-end, this site uses Foundation with Compass.


It should be simple to install Ruby and Node.js on Linux and Mac OS X using your preferred package manager. I have not tested front-end development on Windows.


  1. git clone this repository somewhere.
  2. cd to "public".
  3. Install the latest version of Foundation by running bower install.
  4. When you're working on the site, run compass watch.
* Compass will begin watching the "scss" directory and will automatically
  compile `.scss` files to `.css` files in the "stylesheets" directory.
* To quit, press `Ctrl-C`.


If you'd like to upgrade to a newer version of Foundation down the road just run bower update.

Back-end dependencies

On the back-end, this site's dependencies are managed using Composer, which can be installed using their installation guide. This requires php 5.0+ and curl on your system.


  1. Install Composer into the "public" directory.

     curl -sS | php
  2. Use Composer to install the required dependencies. You may need a GitHub account for this step.

     php composer.phar install