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Jordan Scrapes Secretary of States: California

This package has some sample code getting data from the California Secretary of Search Business Search.

Worth noting that there was a break in the list of ids.

Id ceiling as of 02/21/2020 - 4562715

Numbers start here after big break - 4522201 Date starts randomly at 03/06/2019

Numbers end here for a big break - 4327745 Date stops around 10/23/2019

Getting Started

Clone the repository and run npm i.

After that, you just need to run npm start.

Full Guide Here


Tested on Node v12.4.0 and NPM v6.9.0.


After installing NodeJS you should be able to just run the following in the terminal.

npm i

Built With

  • NodeJS - NodeJS
  • axios - Promise based http request package
  • Cheerio - HTML parsing library



This project is licensed under the ISC License

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