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This repository shows how you can web scrape with just the request library and nothing else.
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Web Scraping with Request

This project shows how you can scrape websites only using the request library.

Getting Started

Just clone the repository and npm install to install request. Once it's installed, you only need to use npm start and you'll be in business.

npm install
npm start

Note that by default I am searching for cookies on You can change this search to whatever you'd like or to any other website. It's in the beginning of the index.js file.

This is just an example and really focuses on just taking strings and parsing them with liberal use of split.


You will need Node and NPM. I used the following versions:

Node: 8.11.2
NPM: 5.6.0

Notes must autoblock ip addresses. After a little bit of work on the project they blocked me. I had to use two different IP addresses to get it all working, so be careful not to hit them too hard.

Built With



This project is licensed under the MIT License.

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