A powerful Pacman (Package Manager) frontend using Qt libs
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This is Octopi, a powerful Pacman/AUR frontend using Qt libs.

The project site is hosted at https://octopiproject.wordpress.com

Currently, 10 Linux distros are compatible with it

What you must install in your system to have Octopi fully functional

You'll need:

  • Alpm_octopi_utils library
  • A privilege escalation tool to use it, once running as root will ONLY work in KDE. Octopi supports gksu, kdesu and lxqt-sudo for that

Simple steps to build Octopi code

Assuming you have Qt5 libs properly installed, go to the directory where the code is located:

$ qmake-qt5
$ make

You can also use the available PKGBUILD script that helps you build Octopi with all its tools:

$ makepkg -f

How to enable the "alien" icon at toolbar

To enable AUR support, you'll need to install "yaourt" or "pacaur" in your system.
In Chakra, "chaser" will be supported out of the box.
In KaOS, "kcp" will be supported out of the box.

Ways to help/support Octopi