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Web Development for Intermediate Programmers;

This course is for students in high school or college with at least AP CS experience or some CS101 experience. However, I encourage you to try the course even if you don't meet those suggested requirements!


There are a total of ten projects in this course. Each project ranges between 1-3 hour(s) to complete from start to finish. I suggest finishing a project a week, making the course a relatively quick two month affair. That said, feel free to move at your own pace, there is no penalty for taking a little longer to fully grasp a certain concept!

Project Order

There is a recommended track for you in this course, consisting of seven of the ten courses. The other three are extra credit if you wish to continue in a game development capacity.

You start off by learning how to save your code online and collaborate with other people (without using Google Docs/Drive) and end with creating your own API and a client to interface with that API. Don't worry if you don't know what some of these words mean yet, you'll learn them quickly :)

Without further ado, here is the recommended course structure:

Project What you're learning What you make
Learning Git Git, Source Control You will be creating a Github account that will allow you to share your code online and save it so you can work on it anywhere you go.
Using Weather API HTML, Javascript This project will be your first introduction to a web project. Stick with it and you'll build your own Weather App!
Using Flickr API HTML, Javascript This should feel familiar to the Weather project, but we'll use a different API and I'll hold your hand a little less.
File Server Node.js, Express Now that we're familiar with how to create a web app, we're going to work with Node.js, which will let us create our own servers and databases. But for now, we're just going to have it return a file when we ask for it.
Querying Mongoose Node.js, MongoDB With this project, we're going to create a model for a Student, and create/read/update/delete instances of that model.
Making an API - Server Node.js, MongoDB, Express This is Part 1 of the meaty finale of this course. You will create your own API (like the ones you using in the Weather project and the Flickr project) that will manage a school of students from our previous project.
Making an API - Client HTML, Javascript This is Part 2 of the meaty finale of this course. Now that you've created your API, you will create a client web app that can interface with this API. Practically, it is a form like the ones you see when you sign up on websites like Facebook or Google.
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