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Digital clone of an analog synthesizer using Overtone and Quil
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** This project has been accepted into the Overtone Github organization. Point to for new developments. **

Digital clone of an analog synthesizer using Overtone and Quil

Minibeast Screenshot


git clone
cd mini-beast
lein deps
lein repl


Make sure your MIDI devices are connected before running lein repl. After running lein repl, click on a knob slider, selector, or wheel and adjust the control on your MIDI device. The synth control and MIDI control are now bound to each other. Adjusting the control on your MIDI device will now update the synth parameter.

Creating a patch

Start by moving the saw oscillator slider to the top of its range. Do the same to the sustain slider in the filter and amplification envelope sections. Then turn up the master volume half wave and play some notes using a MIDI keyboard.

Enjoy making new sounds!

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