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A prototype tectonic simulator

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A prototype tectonic simulator written in Processing.

Method of simulation

Create plates

  • For n plates
    • Pick a random point (x,y) that is a minimum distance away from existing plates
    • Give the plate a random velocity (speed, direction)
  • For n plates
    • Pick m random point (x,y) centered around (plate.x, plate.y) and add it to the plate
  • Seed the world's initial elevation map with some noise


  • Create a temporary elevation map initialized to zero
  • For each point (i,j) on the elevation map
    • Find the velocity of the plate with the nearest point to (i,j)
    • Using the velocity, move the elevation value from the elevation map to the temporary elevation map. If there is already a value at the destination, scatter the value across the temporary map
  • Copy the temporary map back to the map
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