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CGSuite is a computer algebra system for research in combinatorial game theory. It implements the Conway algebra of partizan combinatorial games and several related systems. CGSuite has a built-in library of well-known rulesets such as Clobber, Toads and Frogs, Kayles, and Wythoff Nim, and it includes a custom-designed scripting language, CGScript, that can be used to create and explore new ones.

A working knowledge of combinatorial game theory is assumed. An introductory CGT text, such as Winning Ways by Berlekamp, Conway, and Guy or Lessons in Play by Albert, Nowakowski, and Wolfe, will provide the necessary background material.

As a desktop application

CGSuite is usually used as a desktop application, which includes a Worksheet view for calculations in the algebra(s) of combinatorial games, a CGScript editor, and various other tools. Download links for Mac OS, Windows, and Linux can be found at:

The desktop application includes an embedded Help feature with a user guide and tutorials.

As a library

Starting with version 2.0-beta1, CGSuite is also provided as a Scala library, useful for standalone applications or higher-performance calculations than are achievable with CGScript. An artifact will be published with the upcoming 2.0 release; in the meantime, consider the CGSuite library to be very much a work in progress, but feel free to clone the repo and try it out if you're feeling brave.