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Basic test functions for interacting with a CosmosDB REST API using the DocumentDB protocols in R
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Basic functions in R for simple interactions with a CosmosDB REST API using Document-based storage.

Cosmos DB Intro

More information can be found at Microsoft's website.
I wrote this specifically for a Cosmos DB using the Document DB protocol via the REST API.

Getting Started

First, source the R file to load all functions. Next, you'll need the key to a Cosmos DB. If using all my default parameters, follow the steps below to perform "SELECT * FROM c" from the database

cosmosAuth("KeyGoesHere", "uri", "dbName", "collName")
list.all.documents <- cosmosQuery(content.response = TRUE)

This provides a list named list.all.documents which contains the full contents of all documents retrieved, and only the documents. No metadata about the HTTP response is stored.

Query Target

As of 10-Jul-2017 the cosmosQuery function accepts basic parameters to target any db and collection in a Cosmos DB to which you have access. No guarantees are made, however, since this feature is new.

Custom parameters

Queries can be constructed and will always SELECT from "c," the full Cosmos DB, at this time. These are built using the constructQuery function.

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