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A Machine Learning based stock evaluator
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A Machine Learning based stock evaluator that will label stocks as a buy or sell based on certain fundametal signals.

First let me start of with a meme to sum up the entire project alt text

Technologies used

  • Python 3
  • Scikit-learn
  • matplotlib
  • Pandas
  • RegEx

Data Source

  • Quandl
  • Yahoo Finance

Major Features

  • Backtesting strategy after a train and validation
  • Comparing return to the market average

Machine Learning Framework

The code followed the framework for almost all machine learning processes.

  1. Data Collection: the data was pulled using a scraper that would use regular expressions to strip data from yahoo html files, the amazing Quandl API helped fill in the rest of the data

  2. Data Preparation: Using the SKLearn library on python, the data was randomized and split into training and evaluation sets. An additional script was used to fill in missing values

  3. Model: Linear Support Vector Classification

  4. Train: 0 for underperforming stocks, 1 for outperforming stocks. A simple function call from the SKLearn library

  5. Evaluate: Compares the return of the stocks chosen to the return of the S&P 500.

  6. Parameter Tuning: More of an artform, test size was manipulated, features were added and removed. Feature weighting was a little hard for my first Machine learning algorithm.

  7. Predict and Test: Used a very basic backtester to measure the return if the algorithm was used. On average the predictions were 56% correct. This may not seem bad but it's unknown. The problem is if you are right 56% of the time, if the losses from the other 44% outweigh the gains made, then the algorithm was unsuccessful. Overall, the algo outperformed the S&P 500 by 9% which is actually pretty good (and probably unrealistic)!

Future Implementation

  • Automate data pull to update weekly
  • Use techincal signals
  • A more in-depth backtester
  • Future week prediction
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