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Determines the sentiment of a topic based on a collection of recent tweets using Natural Language Processing
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Natural Language Based Twitter Sentiment Analyzer

Determines the sentiment of a topic based on a collection of recent tweets using Natural Language Processing.

Obligatory meme about the topic

alt text

Technologies used

  • Python 3
  • Natural Language Toolkit

Data Source


  • Includes already pulled tweets from the database
  • Keyword Search


The collector will use the corpus file containing the tweet_ids and pull each tweet individually. This process takes about 10 hours as Twitters API has a limit of 180 requests every hour for a standard API key. The data is saved in another .csv file (included in repo)


The purpose of the preprocessor is clean up the tokens (words) to ensure the classifier reads the word for what it's supposed to be

  • Replaces all the @ mentions
  • Removes URL's (pictures, tweet link, etc.)
  • Hashtags (probably important, would be implemented in the future)
  • Repeated characters that would otherwise not be used for actual spelling (helloooooooooooo to hello)


  • The data will be processed using the Naive Bayes Classifier
  • The algorithm uses the corpus data with positive and negative labels to train the classifier
  • The vocabulary is built using the corpus data, labeling each word as positive, negative or neutral
  • The tweets are then compared to all the words in the vocabulary, marking their existence as true or false
  • Determines if the tweet is positive or negative based on how many words in the tweet are positive or negative

Future Implementation

  • Find the trending topics & automatically determine its sentiment
  • Find sentiment of a keyword at a certain point in time
  • Implement sentiment during a stock analysis
  • Implement a fully functional natural language processor that understand sentances rather than a compilation of words
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