An OS X application that handles org-protocol:// links.
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Org Protocol

Org Protocol Handler

The Org Protocol Handler is a small AppleScript application that registers itself as the handler for all org-protocol:// links.


In order for this application to work for you, you will need to be sure that it is pointed to the correct copy of emacsclient on your system.

Out of the box, it will run /usr/local/bin/emacsclient, which should be the correct copy if you are using Emacs from Homebrew. If you are not, or if that path differs in some way, you will need to open this application in Script Editor and adjust that path.

Configurable Properties

Within the script, there are two configurable properties you may need to twiddle around with:

emacsClientLocation, as noted above, must be the full absolute path to the emacsclient executable. It is defaulted to /usr/local/bin/emacsclient for your convenience. You may like to set this to something like /Applications/ if you don't have symbolic links to that program on your system.

emacsSocketLocation should be the full absolute path to the location of the Emacs server socket file. Most people will not have to set this property, but I found that in some distributions of Emacs, the server and emacsclient differ in their opinions of where the server file should be saved and found.

I have configured server-socket-dir to (expand-file-name "server" user-emacs-directory) (you must do this before calling (server-start)), and I have set this property to ~/.emacs.d/server/server.


In OS X, any application that exists in your root /Applications directory and that contains a CFBundleURLTypes stanza in its Info.plist will be registered as a handler for the URL schemes described there.

In the case of this application, the stanza looks like this:


In my understanding, the CFBundleURLName makes no difference at all, it just needs to be set to something. When any program on your system attempts to visit a URL beginning with org-protocol://, OS X will launch this application and hand it the URL through some known OS X API mechanism.

In AppleScript, accessing that data is quite simple, you need only define an on open location subroutine that accepts the whole URL as a string and then you can do what you like with it.

This application is designed to accept an org-protocol:// URL and it simply launches emacsclient and hands that URL to it. This enables your already-running Emacs server to be triggered by org-protocol:// links from anywhere on your system.


In short, so that you can save things from your web browser directly into Org capture templates or simply save the links to pages for later insertion into Org documents.