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-== FORK!!!
-This is a fork of EJS in an effort to preserve line endings.
+I finally got sick of js templates that were all single-line obfuscated and indecipherable messes. Debugging was harder than it had to be so I scratched my own itch and rewrote the main compilation logic.
-All of the same tests pass, which is pretty cool.
+This is a fork of EJS preserves lines, so your line # in your js console should be the same as the line number in the actual template. This will also make it easier to set debugging points in your template.
-Unfortunately, the code got complicated and a little longer. I should probably factor it better, but it works and it is just a hairy 100 LOC, so..
+This is essentially a rewrite of the core compiler logic, though the interface is 100% compatible with upstream. In fact, I have not modified the tests at all (they still pass, of course!)
+I used the same gem name and reset the version to 1.0.0 so I could use it with rails-backbone.
+To use with rails-backbone instead of the default, just put
+ gem 'ejs', :git => ''
+above the line where you have:
+ gem "rails-backbone"
+and then `bundle install`
+*About the rewrite:* Unfortunately, the code grew about %25. The original version just runs gsub to escape special chars and then un-escapes them within the matching `<% ... %>` tags. Unfortunately, that didn't let you treat line endings differently outside of the matching tags. So, in order to process the line endings in the rendered html template in a way that js can handle (no multi-line strings!) I had to convert it from a simple three-pass gsub! to a more complicated system that essentially splits the source code and treats each section appropriately.
+I am more than interested in accepting pull requests that clean up the code while making the tests pass.
EJS (Embedded JavaScript) template compiler for Ruby

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