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Scripts to use with Jenkins for a simple deployment pipeline


Jenkins Plugins

Docker Cloud Plugin

See: Standard configuration Using this docker container for slave

Build Pipeline Plugin

See: Standard configuration

Chef Identity Plugin

See: Standard configuration

For knife-ssh

Created a Jenkins user in Chef Server. Created ssh keys for the Jenkins box and copied public key to chef-client machine. Mounted these keys in the Docker Jenkins Slave.

Checkstyle Plugin

See: See:

This is for rubocop

HTML Publisher Plugin

See: See:

This is for rubocop

Github Pull Request Builder Plugin


Git Plugin

Added Jenkins user to Github

Chef related setup


Plugins needed:


knife-spork comes as part of ChefDK which I have installed on the Docker Container.

This is a little awkward because knife-spork needs the project in a chef-repo so move the project around a bit rather than implementing the logic to bump versions. This is rather simplistic and likely needs to consider a