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Hardware-accelerated vector graphics.
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Algae.Canvas, a nifty vector graphics API for .NET

  • API similar to HTML5 canvas
  • Geometry only needs to be created once; later can be rendered at any size
  • Retained path creation
  • Multithreaded renderer
  • Support for rendering single paths, groups, and clipping between paths and groups


Algae.Canvas depends on a light weight renderer built around OpenGL 3, among others.

You'll need:

Note that SharpFont seems to still require some modifications to the vanilla source, see:

OpenTK also seems to refuse to work with a context created by Allegro on any platform I've tried. This requires a patch to the vanilla source as well. However, I don't have a diff available for this yet.

There's also two native dependencies:

Once the dependencies are rounded up, simple invoke Premake5.


To run the example program, you'll need some content. The basic package, including a default image, a font, and the shader can be extracted from the prebuilt binary:

The included program, Algae.Svg, can parse an SVG and spit out a file that can be used with Algae.Test. Simply run Algae.Test with a different 'LVG' file as the first argument to try other images.


The source for Algae.Canvas is released under the MIT license (view LICENSE for more information).


  • This wouldn't have been possible without Charles Loop and Jim Blinn's paper "Resolution Independent Curve Rendering using Programmable Graphics Hardware".
  • A helpful member
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