A two wheeled self balancing skateboard
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Velociryder Code

This is the software for the Velociryder, a self balancing two wheeled skateboard, started as a side project and was then entered in Georgia Tech's 2011 InVenture Prize. We made it all the way to the finals!


The code has the following features:

  • PD control (no integral, wasn't necessary)
  • Automatic startup via killswitch and level detection
  • Support for foot pedal steering, just as in the Velociryder
  • Use of accelerometer and gyroscope to obtain board level
  • Moving average and complementary filters for the sensors

It works alright.


Things you will probably need to tweak:

In velociryder.pde

  • Turning constants

In sensors.pde

  • GYROTORAD4, GYROTORAD, ACCLTORAD: These convert the sensor's ADC units to radians
  • ACCL_CENTER: This defines the center balance point of the board
  • sensor defines: The pins the sensors are on
  • OHSHITSWITCH: killswitch pin

In motors.pde

  • However you control your motors

This is Arduino source code. So put it in a directory called velociryder in your sketchbook, fiddle, program, and go!



This code is released under the MIT License. If you do use it, send me a message, I want to see it!