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This is an incomplete todo list, taken directly from my Todolicious database. The number of "X" characters before the item relates to how long I think it should be put off. Of course, work on anything you want, if it's on this list with fifty X's before it, or just something you come up with. Remove items from this list as you complete them, if you want to.
XX optional confirmation sheets for votes
wrap parsers in @try and warn of scraper issues
XX option to save comment list entry
X add ability to view hacker news FAQ
XXX support "ignore this user"
readability option for browser controllers (just run the javascript?)
X disable downvote button on submissions
objects stored w/ allowed actions per HNSession (e.g. "can i vote this up", "can i flag this"), and disable items appropriately
XX support for polls: displaying and voting
support global/local state change/reload notifications (PLEASE DO THIS! ;P -- this would make things like "reply" do "reply, then reload comments to see your reply". depends on next item.)
support loading information about an HNEntry itself, not just it's children in the parsers
X reload global state on login (maybe? is this wanted? related to "store with allowed actions" above)
X ComposeController: disable "Send" button instead of "can't send" alerts
cache HNObjects by (type, id) pairs and use exsiting objects when possible (another PLEASE DO THIS: this would reduce memory usage and make updates to the cached data centralized)
X make profiles have their own tab bar (like Tweetie)
X implement unflagging
X make profile parser not use NSScanner (helpful, not necessary)
X preserve newlines in <pre> and <code> tags (this would be in DTAttributedTextView)
X parse and display deleted comments (right now they are ignored)
parse "more" links in HNAPIParserSubmissionList (required for below item, PLEASE DO THIS)
X "infinite scrolling" for HNEntryListController, loading more items via the "more" links (depends on "more" links)
show bodies in Ask HN posts (SubmissionHeaderView, this is easy (same code as CommentHeaderView for the DTAttibutedTextView, maybe a common superclass there?) and another PLEASE DO THIS)
anything else you can dream up!