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Attribute Based Access Control

Getting started

Clone repo.

Install dependencies

From within the cloned folder abac run:

Composer dependencies

composer install


From within the cloned folder abac:

Run composer test

Using ABAC

This ABAC system is comprised of Policies, Rules and Conditions.

A Policy contains one or many Rules, and a Rule contains one or many Conditions.

  1. Policies
  • A policy can be of two types: ACCEPT or DENY
    • Only one ACCEPT policy is required to pass in order for a user to access a resource. Other ACCEPT policies can still fail.
    • Conversely, if just one DENY policy returns TRUE, then access is denied despite any successful ACCEPT policies which may have passed.
    • A Policy contains one or many Rules and when resolved ($policy->validate($request)), all rules must resolve TRUE for the policy to return TRUE.
  1. Rules
  • A Rule contains one or many Conditions, and like Policies, when resolved all conditions must return TRUE for the Rule to return TRUE.
  1. Conditions
  • A Condition is composed of three parts.
    • Left side value
    • Right side value
    • The operator to evaluate the two against
  • Left and right side values are persisted via string dot notation and gets resolved from the ABAC Request object.



use ABAC\Services\ABACManager;
use ABAC\Services\Request;
use ABAC\Entities\Policy;
use ABAC\Entities\Rule;
use ABAC\Entities\Condition;
use ABAC\Entities\User;
use ABAC\Entities\Environment;
use ABAC\Entities\Operators\Equals;
use ABAC\Entities\Operators\GreaterThanInclusive;

// Make rules
$rules = [];

$rules[] = new Rule('voter', "User is a US citizen of age", [
  new Condition('$.user.age', new GreaterThanInclusive, 18),
  new Condition('$', new Equals, 'USA')

$rules[] = new Rule('Election Day', "Only voting on election day", [
  new Condition('$', new Equals, '2016-11-08')

// Set policies to ABAC
$abac = ABAC::create([new Policy(Policy::ACCEPT, 'Voting', 'Policy to allow voting', $rules)]);

// Set context
$user = new User;
$user->age = 25;
$user->country = 'USA';

$env = new Environment;
$env->day = '2016-11-08';

$request = new Request('POST', '/votes', $user, $env);

// Resolve
$allowed = $abac->validate( $request );

// $this->assertTrue( $allowed );