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A light framework to register/bootstrap modules into an IoC Container. Loosely modeled after [Laravel] (

Getting started

Clone repo.

Install dependencies

From within the cloned folder node-di-bootstrap run:

Node dependencies

npm install

Configure application

From within the cloned folder node-di-bootstrap run:

Copy .env.example to .env and update accordingly. Add any additional environment variables you need.

Edit ./src/config.js and update accordingly.


  • Register

    • To register a Service Provider, add the path of the file in the ./src/config.js.
    • Each Service Provider should implement a register method that takes the DI-Container as an argument.
    • This is called for each Service Provider from the ./src/bootstrap.js script. Script returns the DI-Container with all register modules.
  • Boot

    • Boot is like register except it happens when the ./src/start.js script is called. It's for services which may not need to be initialized until immediately before runtime.