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Aaron Bullard
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# Aaron Bullard
<!-- [![Linkedin](images/linkedin-512.png)]( -->
I’m a full stack developer who has a passion for design and architecture.  I enjoy learning and trying new methodologies like Domain Driven Design (DDD) or maybe Data Context Interaction (DCI).  Lately I’ve been very interested in learning more about the foundational principles of functional programming.
## Education
- United States Naval Academy (Quantitative Economics)
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## Technologies
- PHP, Ruby (Rails), Node.js, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch
- HTML/CSS3/JavaScript, AngularJS, Vue.js, jQuery, jQuery Mobile
- CI/CD, REST, Microservices, DDD, DCI, Functional Programming
- Laravel, Express, Rails, Apigee, PHPUnit, Jasmine
- Git, Composer, Bower, npm, Vagrant, Atlassian
- Swagger, JSON API, JSON Schema, JSON Patch
<!-- - Git, Composer, Bower, npm, Docker, Vagrant, Travis, Code Climate, Atlassian -->
## Interests
- Sailing
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A few highlighted code samples:
### PHP
- [aaronbullard/laravel-schemarequest](
- Laravel Form Request validator which uses JSON Schema for configuration versus Laravel's validation array attributes
- [aaronbullard/abac](
- Attribute Based Access Control proof of concept
- [aaronbullard/laravel-schemarequest](
- Laravel Form Request validator which uses JSON Schema for configuration versus Laravel's validation array attributes
- [aaronbullard/network-for-good](
- API Gateway for interaction with[ Network For Good's] ( SOAP API
- Developed as a service for use in my startup: Charity Champs | Don't Gamble, Give!
@@ -54,3 +59,30 @@ A few highlighted code samples:
- A [Laravel]( model factory using faker.js
- [aaronbullard/node-di-bootstrap](
- A light framework to register/bootstrap modules into an IoC Container. Loosely modeled after [Laravel](
### Experience
[**540**]( | *Senior Software Architect* | *Arlington, Virginia* | 2015 - Present
+ *Technology consulting geeks who help government and business clients innovate like start-ups*
- Systems Engineer specializing in software architecture and API design
- Subject Matter Expert on development best practices such as API First Strategy, Agile Scrum Methodologies, Test Driven Development, and Domain Driven Design
- Provide technical expertise directing the design, integration, testing and deployment of new technologies and information systems
- Develop backend applications in Express and Elasticsearch complete with API documentation using Swagger (Open API) and full code coverage through Jasmine and Istanbul
- Lead backend developer on a single page application using a Ruby on Rails API and an AngularJS frontend.
- Maintained a backend code coverage of 99% using RSpec.
**Charity Champs** | *Co-founder & Developer* | *Arlington, Virginia* | 2013 - Present
+ *An innovative approach to charity raising through competitive events and gamification*
- Created, designed, and developed the application’s functional and technical workflow
- Developed the backend architecture using the Laravel framework and MySQL
- Designed the RESTful API interface for backend JSON services using Swagger
- Integrated third party services such as Stripe, Network For Good, and Charity Navigator
- Provided functional code coverage using PHPUnit, Mockery, and Faker libraries
**ViiMed** | *Senior Software Developer* | *Washington, District of Columbia* | 2013 - 2015
+ *A digital healthcare software company that empowers providers to meaningfully engage their patients*
- Lead Systems Engineer in charge of systems integration. Led a team of developers in the architectural integration of external healthcare information systems via REST and SOAP services. Managed project development using Agile methodologies and daily scrum meetings
- Led the architectural redesign of legacy code from a single framework into a distributed service oriented architecture (SOA) connected via RESTful services
- Refactored legacy code base into a more modern object oriented architecture (SOLID) while concurrently creating Unit and Integration test coverage
- Designed a new internal development process where new features were integrated using semantic versioning via package dependency managers
- Integrated new features using various third-party APIs such as SMS and Text-to-Speech reminders through Twilio integration, geo-fencing check-ins with Google Maps, and an ROI calculator using AngularJS, Google Charts and D3.js
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