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Tasty SQL for ClojureCLR.

Getting started

This is a port of Korma to ClojureCLR. Only MySql is supported right now. In order for MySql to work, MySql.Data.dll (from MySQL Connector/NET) will need to be loaded into the current AppDomain (the assembly-load functions can be used for this). The map of options passed to the mysql function is used to generate the MySql connection string (see the connection string options here, as well as the example below).

For docs and real usage, check out http://sqlkorma.com

Examples of generated queries:

(use 'korma.db)
(defdb db (mysql {:Host "localhost"
                  :Database "mydb"
		  :User "user"
		  :Port "3306"
		  :Password "dbpass"}))

(use 'korma.core)
(defentity users)

(select users)
;; executes: SELECT * FROM users

(select users
  (fields :usersname :id))
;; executes: SELECT users.usersname, users.id FROM users

(select users
  (where {:usersname "chris"}))
;; executes: SELECT * FROM users WHERE (users.usersname = 'chris)'

(select users 
  (where {:active true})
  (order :created)
  (limit 5)
  (offset 3))
;; executes: SELECT * FROM users WHERE (users.active = TRUE) ORDER BY users.created DESC LIMIT 5 OFFSET 3

(select users
  (where (or (= :usersname "chris")
             (= :email "chris@chris.com"))))
;; executes: SELECT * FROM users WHERE (users.usersname = 'chris' OR users.email = 'chris@chris.com')

(select users
  (where {:usersname [like "chris"]
          :status "active"
          :location [not= nil]))
;; executes SELECT * FROM users WHERE (users.usersname LIKE 'chris' AND users.status = 'active' AND users.location IS NOT NULL)

(select users
  (where (or {:usersname "chris"
              :first "chris"}
             {:email [like "%@chris.com"]})))
;; executes: SELECT * FROM users WHERE ((users.usersname = 'chris' AND users.first = 'chris') OR users.email LIKE '%@chris.com)'

(defentity address
 (table-fields :street :city :zip))

(defentity users
 (has-one address))

(select users
 (with address))
;; SELECT address.street, address.city, address.zip FROM users LEFT JOIN address ON users.id = address.users_id


Copyright (C) 2011 Chris Granger

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.