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An experimental service to manage an ICO run through STEEM. Currently the only aspect this script addresses if fund management in a way that can be audited and indexes built upon.

The methods used in this application are incredibly early in development, I wouldn't recommend using this for anything important.

This release is purely to spur discussion on how best to approach these problems.

How it works

This application relies on two accounts (both preferably unused):

  • donation account: The account that will receive funds from donors and process transactions.
  • processed account: The account that all processed funds will be deposited into.

The donation account will require SP (to be used as gas) to process transactions, please delegate accordingly.

After configuring the service, you should prompt users to send funds in the selected currency to the donation account between the ico_block_start and ico_block_end times. Any donations outside of those blocks or sent with the wrong currency will automatically be refunded.

The service itself has a workflow as such:

  • Service starts and monitors the blockchain for transactions to the donation account.
  • Upon transaction received:
    • If within specified timeframe and correct currency symbol, continue.
    • If outside of specified timeframe, return funds to sender and ignore.
    • If incorrect currency symbol, return funds to sender and ignore.
  • If transaction is valid:
    • Forward funds to the processed account with a memo detailing who it was from, what block, and the amount.
    • Update donation account's json_metadata to contain record of the donation. An example of this can be found on the test-ico account's json_metadata.

Problems that need solutions still

  • The json_metadata field on the account can only hold so much data, as can each block. This might not be a great place to maintain an index of donors and amounts. Creating custom_json ops that can then be indexed in the future will be a more scalable approach.
  • The service currently maintains all information in memory and if the script crashes, cannot resume it's active state.
  • There is no way to transfer value/tokens from one user to another using this approach. Migrating the balance information into custom_json ops in the future could allow for transfers of value.


Copy the env-example file to .env and edit the appropriate settings into place.



# The node you'd like to use

# ---- ICO SETTINGS ----

# The name of the ICO deposit account

# The name of the ICO processed funds account

# The WIF Key for the witness account, used to sign transactions

# The block number when the ICO starts

# The block number when the ICO ends

# Which currency to accept


This script is build around docker-compose, though could be run other ways. To start, run:

docker-compose build && docker-compose up


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