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A Macaulay2 package for computing with monomial rank functions
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MonomialRankFunctions is a Macaulay2 package for computing with monomial rank functions, that is, integer-valued functions on the set of all monomials in a Laurent polynomial ring. Interesting classes of monomial rank functions include those arising from monomial ideals, level monomial algebras, polymatroidal (facet) ideals, and Riemann-Roch ideals.

Current Version: 0.1

At the moment this package only consists only of the raw code. In particular, there is no documentation as of yet.


Macaulay2 is an open source software system available here. Once Macaulay2 is installed on your machine simply save the source code for this package in the appropriate spot in the M2 tree, open an M2 session and call installPackage "MonomialRankFunctions"

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