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Do Want is an Open Source Gift Registry system designed to be quick and easy to setup and run on your preferred web server.

Whether you're exchanging gifts with just one other person or with 50 other people, Do Want makes it easy to pick out gifts and make sure no one else ends up with the same thing.

Looking for a Download?

If you just want to download an installable, reasonably stable version, you can visit the end-user-friendly page here.


####The preferred way

Download the most recent version from the link above and go to the directory where you placed it in your browser. You will be redirected to the installation page.

####The alternative way If you would prefer to use the most recent code (at your own risk), or at least the most recent code committed, you can download the code on the github ( This version is not guaranteed to work properly, though the code should be relatively complete.

You will need to have Composer installed, Then do the following:

composer install

That will make composer fetch all the appropriate files Additionally, you will need to install a customized version of the Phinx TextWrapper Class found here - this version supports seed commands from php applications. Simply replace the corrosponding file in your vendor/robmorgan/phinx/src/Wrapper/ with the new one. A pull request is into the Phinx project to get the file updated.

Migrating from a previous version

There are two steps necessary to migrate from a previous installation of DoWant. This is a temporary solution while a more elegant process is put into place.

  1. Copy all new files from the distribution to your installation. Many FTP programs have a sync feature that will accomplish this. Be sure to not overwrite your uploads directory, or your custom directory - if you're using it.

  2. Update your database; In your browser, go to your wishlist and to /migrator.php Here you will find a table of migrations - simply click on the last available one. This will migrate your installation to the most recent database version. After that, you're done!

Social Login

Social Login is an advanced configuration feature that allows login with (currently) Google or Facebook instead of using DoWant's internal login system (a native user is still generated). Documentation is being generated, but it's currently incomplete. A knowledge of PHP is helpful in setting the values, but it should be pretty easy to figure out.

Here's a short version':

####For Both

  • Copy authconf.default.php to authconf.php
  • Change the base_url value to http://yourDomainName.tld/hybrid.php (replacing the domain)

####Then For Google

  • Go to Googles Developer Console
  • Create an Application
  • Enable the Google+ API on it
  • Create Credentials (Id/Secret)
  • Add the authorized URL: http://yourdomain.tld/hybrid.php?hauth.done=Google (replacing the domain)

####Then For Facebook

####Then For Both

  • Add your client secret and client ID to the relavant section
  • Set enabled to true (no quotes)
  • Save your authconf.php file

Reload the site, you should now see the buttons for logging in on the login panel. If you can't get it to work, feel free to post to the developers group You should get a pretty quick response.


If you're willing to contribute, I'm delighted to have you work on it! The workflow is pretty simple:

1) Fork the "develop" branch (it's the default)
2) Create a branch to fix an issue, or implement a feature
3) Write code (pull 'develop' and merge it into your branch as you go to stay up to date)
4) Push that branch to your Github
5) Issue a pull request to the develop branch

I'm still figuring out unit testing, and the release cycle. I figure once we tackle a few bugs, we'll merge into master and tag a release.

Feel free to email with questions, comments, concerns, or ideas: