Short presentation on various methods for testing a Django application
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This is a quick presentation showing a few different ways in which we can test a Django application. It is by no means a comprehensive look at testing (as if you could do such a thing) but is more intended to serve 2 purposes:

  • show you some examples of how to get started
  • convince you that you should just get testing, whatever that looks like

the test case

The scenario under test is simple:

> when a user submits their email in the form
< then the email is saved

You can find 3 different testing examples in the different branches of this repo:

  • branch a (this branch) has The Django Way™ of testing, using django.test.TestCase and django.test.Client
  • branch b uses unittest.TestCase, unittest.mock.Mock and unittest.mock.patch to test the same view
  • branch c pulls the business logic out of the view (ala Uncle Bob) and uses unittest.mock.patch to mock out the database layer

the code

The areas of interest in this repo will primarily be hackers.views and hackers.tests. If you toggle branches viewing those files you will see the primary differences in the test approaches.

the slides

You can find the slides for my talk by clicking here.