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In-browser previewing for static responsive web design comps. No code required.

Respre works by automatically reading and displaying the contents of its preview directory. preview contains a collection of static image comps, each named with their minimum resolution (ie. 1024.jpg), corresponding to a responsive breakpoint.

demo gif

See the demo here – adjust your browser's viewport size to preview different static comps.

Getting Started

  1. Clone or download this repo. Move the folder to a PHP webserver, either online or local on your machine.

  2. Replace the boilerplate image files in preview with your own static comps. Give each file a numeric filename that corresponds to its target breakpoint.

  3. Visit /index.php in your browser to preview the comps. Adjust your browser's viewport size, or visit the page from a mobile device or tablet, to preview your comps at different resolutions.

There are no restrictions on file formats (any browser-safe formats work), and no restrictions on the number of comps/breakpoints that it will display.


You can add pages to your preview by creating folders within the preview directory. A navigation menu will appear when a subfolder is present. Set the subfolder name as the name of the page. Within the subfolder, include a collection of comp images named by resolution – just like the home page – to preview.

See the Inverse Colors folder inside the preview boilerplate as an example.


Your image files do not need to match the resoltion which they are named. For instance, to show a Retina-quality preview at 1024px (1024.jpg), your static file should be 2048px wide (at least; 1024px is the min-width).

The boilerplate breakpoints represent specific common devices:

  • 1.jpg – All mobile devices smaller than an iPhone 6+
  • 414.jpg – iPhone 6+
  • 768.jpg – iPad, portrait
  • 1024.jpg – iPad, landscape / Small Desktop
  • 1200.jpg – Average Desktop
  • 1440.jpg – Large Destop

This tool relies on PHP's scandir() function. Some servers may have this function disabled. Also, Respre requires that your preview directory is readable. If you're having problems getting the files to appear, try CHMOD-ing your preview directory to 755.


Webserver configuration got you down? Try MAMP. It's is a dead-simple tool for running a compatible server locally on your machine. Install it and point the Web Server's Document Root at the downloaded Respre directory you downloaded. Then visit http://localhost:8888/.

Some images not showing up? Be sure that none of your images are named for the resolution 0 (ie. 0.jpg). And make sure the image file names contain only numbers and one extension. Avoid names like or 768alt.jpg. Also, ensure your preview directory permissions are configured as world readable (755 or rwx r-x r-x).


Respre is licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for details. But, it basically says: go for it. I welcome collaboration, let's work together and make it work better for everyone.


I'm Aaron Grando. I'm the Tech Lead at RTO+P; Respre was built with RTO+P's design process firmly in mind. I've also jotted a handful of thoughts on technology on my personal site.


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